5 Replies to “Euthanasia – a personal story”

  1. Hello Sandra, thank you for the emotional speech you delivered in Parliament last week. I was touched that you used my brave Mothers story and her words to maybe change some Politicians thoughts on this very polarizing issue. She would have been so proud of you for sharing her words in such an understanding and compasionate way. Thank you again on this day when the Victorian Parliament has passed Assisted Dying Legislation.

  2. Thank you for making such a powerful speech about Euthanasia. I am sure that members of the NT Parliament will embrace your presentation and contemplate future decisions with more empathy and understanding now.
    Thank you for tabling my Mum’s letter and diary in the NT Parliament. By reading these, they certainly give others an in-depth insight into Mum’s thoughts and sadly how she had to plan her “new adventure” alone- which was the only time in her life that she was alone; and she should never have had to be in that situation.
    Mum had many friends and was much loved by her family as you are quite aware.
    I know that my Mum is holding your father’s hand “there” with great pride and courage.
    When you see a happy pigeon, that will be my Mum smiling with gratitude to you on behalf of others.

  3. Thank you Sandra for your heat felt and emotional speech. Euthanasia should be the right of every living being and hopefully this will be recognized by your fellow NT politicians. Liz was a very close friend of mine and a well respected individual . I hope this will bring dignity to others contemplating another way to end their pain. Many thanks again for addressing this issue with respect.

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